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Organizational Background:

The Information and Counseling Center for Higher Education was established in the Bedouin city of Rahat in early December 2004. Although located in Rahat, the center provides services for the entire Negev Bedouin population, both in the seven established townships and in the unrecognized villages. Most of the work is carried out in the 11 high schools in the Bedouin community with the full collaboration of the schools' faculty and leadership.

The center opened its gates to applicants in early January 2005. Since then, the number of applicants has been growing constantly. Applicants can address the center either by phone or by visiting the center in Rahat. However, it became quickly apparent that the vast majority of high school graduates do not continue their studies and will have to contend with entrance into the workforce. Therefore, the Center presently seeks to expand its activities to include the concerns of the 90% of Bedouin youth who are seeking personal fulfillment and socioeconomic self-sufficiency through employment.

The center contains computers with special software that helps candidates to obtain information about higher education institutions and programs in Israel. A team of advisers provide the applicants with all the necessary information regarding access to higher education. Applicants who express difficulties to choose a major can have a private meeting with consultant who help them with selecting a major that meets their personal tendencies and abilities. This coming year, counselors will assist applicants with issues relating to successful entrance into the work force, the choosing of a suitable profession and balancing work and family issues.




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Target Population



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