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Youth's Projects


* Youth Leadership Project

* Action Rahat

* Ruad al-Mustakbal—Future Generation  

* Community Youth Leadership

* Student Academic Guidance Center


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Youth Leadership Project

The Center for Youth Leadership is built to enrich leadership and community involvement among Rahat’s youth and build a program of community leadership and connections. The project aims to create an informal social group whose members will establish community service projects fitting their personal interests. The Center provides an opportunity for youth who are not labeled as “gifted” by Rahat’s formal education system or the general community, giving them the chance to recognize and develop other talents within themselves that are no less important.

 The program participants will study the power and influence of leaders in Israel and around the world, identifying characteristics required to lead and finding those within themselves and their friends in the group. The project’s aim is to cultivate local groups of young leaders, develop a strong leadership program, motivate youth to become active within their community, and develop a culture of democratic leadership and involvement in community partnership. 

 This program includes two youth groups who specialize in certain subjects particularly important to the community: “Action Rahat” and “Ruad al-Mustakbal—Future Generation.”


Action Rahat

This group includes 20 youth from Rahat who display leadership characteristics, such as charisma. They meet once a week and their activities focus on subject such as identity and individualism. The youth groups travel to meetings with activist and youth groups from all over Israel and tour cities including Acco, Nazareth, Haifa, Jerusalem, and Kfar Kara’a. They initiate joint projects with international youth groups, including the establishment of a summer camp for at-risk children in Rahat.



Future Generation

The group includes 15 youth from different high schools in Rahat who meet once a week and discuss the following subjects: individual and group empowerment, identity, individualism, success, values. They visit different civil society organizations and advocate active voluntarism. At the conclusion of the yearly project, the group organizes one activity day in collaboration with Shatil Be’er Sheva featuring many different Step Forward programs: plays for children, contests and games, art production, sports and karate.



Community Youth Leadership

This unique program serves 60 youth in the 6th grade from schools throughout the Negev who meet once a week. Several organizations collaborate in this project, including Step Forward, AMEN- Youth Volunteering City, Amal Schools from throughout Israel, Desert Shape Group, and Baran Group.

The community leadership project is a social initiative to develop community activism in the region’s youth. The project is designed to fill the lack of programming that exists teaching youth the values of active communal voluntarism. The program builds connections between Bedouin and Jewish residents of the Negev, who understand the geography and environment of the region, and encourages them to implement different methods of communal activism and present solutions to social and environmental questions within their communities.

The program is a combination of seminars that take place throughout the Negev and volunteering on behalf of the community. The project operates three two-day seminars and tours of the region. Program leaders include certified youth counselors and professional advisors with experience relevant to the program’s subject matter. In addition to the tours and seminars, the students meet one afternoon a week to implement community service activities they design through their own participating and leadership.



Student Academic Guidance Center

The Academic Guidance Center is located in the center of Rahat and serves as an informational center with higher education and career counseling services for high school students in the Negev. The Center has a professional library and as well as a library of higher education institutes. Computers are available as informational resources and personal advisors and social workers are also on-hand to provide advice on higher education and careers. The Center also operates a hotline for telephone calls for individuals who cannot reach the offices.

 Throughout the year, the Center operates a number of programs for youth and students in the Negev:


Seminar for Higher Education

Close to 45 students each year participate in this two-week seminar. During the first week, the seminar focuses on lectures on higher education such as psychometric exams (are the barrier preventing the largest number of students from reaching higher education), dealing with obstacles to reaching higher education, and success stories of students studying at universities through programs which directed them to professions they fit best, and criticism of regional academic institutions (Kaye College and Ben Gurion University in the Negev).

During the second week, students go on special tours of Jordanian universities and hear lectures about the variety of departments in which they can enroll as well as admissions requirements. This week of programming is a recent addition to the seminar, caused by increasing rates of Bedouin students enrolling in Jordanian universities.


High School Students Tour Institutes of Higher Education

During the tours, participating high school students meet with admissions representatives and students who expose them to different aspects of studying at universities. These tours provide high school students with the opportunity to get information and answers to their questions and concerns before they transition from high school to higher education. The Center operates 4 tours each year so students have the opportunity to personally experience the academic environment at institutes of higher learning and analyze the difference between university or colleges and their high school experiences.


Higher Education Fair

This fair takes place each year at Ben Gurion University in the Negev’s sports center. Representatives of universities and colleges in the Negev and throughout Israel attend and bring promotional materials for students to answer questions and provide information about their different programs, admissions requirements, registration, scholarships, and more. The Fair is open to all regional students and applicants to colleges or universities. Before the conclusion of the fair, representatives give lectures to groups of students about subjects relating to higher education.



The Center provides lectures for schools and groups of students giving them a general perspective on higher education.



The Center operates 4 workshops on the practical and emotional challenges students face during the process of enrolling in higher education. The Center is also developing a program of 2 annual workshops to encourage high school students to apply to universities and colleges. Another track includes 3 yearly workshops focused on academic learning skills. In addition, the Center offers annual psychometric courses.


Open Days

During the year, the Center holds seven “open days” in Rahat’s schools to which it invites representatives of higher education institutions to provide the most up-to-date information to students, explain the process of enrollment, and hand out application materials.


Academic Guidance and Counseling

Through the year, over 350 students come to the Center to get help filling out forms, information about application requirements and subject tracks, advice on selecting professions that best fit their interests, and use the guidance program to fulfill their academic needs.








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