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The organization’s outstanding achievements

  • Training about 50 counselors from among the 15-19 year olds in Rahat in Young Leadership Project and as Counselors in Training (“madatzim” – “young counselors”) especially for the Youth for the Future of Youth Project.

  • Intake and empowerment of volunteers by professional facilitators to put them into action within the community

  • Operating summer day camps for about 150 children and 40 teens for the fifth year in a row. Young counselors and local youth ran the programs.

  • Establishment of the English Center – the first of its kind – for pre-school children

  • Reinforcing the parent-school bond, especially among the mothers, by organizing joint parent-school-child activities such as Mother’s Day in the schools, and boasting attendance of about 250 women each year at these special events

  • Raising awareness among women and youth as to the importance of the role they play in the community through workshops and projects

  • Implementing projects directed towards women such as the Literacy Project – Arabic and Hebrew – for about 50 women; handicrafts for about 30 women; computers and Bedouin heritage courses for about 50 women.

  • Implementing the Tutoring Project for children at risk (about 60 participants) for the third straight year. These children desperately need help with their schoolwork as they are in severe economic distress and from troubled, problem-ridden families

  • Creating frameworks for at-risk youth for the fourth consecutive year

  • Implementing the Jewish-Arab co-existence project – Youth Leading Change in the Negev – for about 40 high school students from the Jewish and Bedouin sectors, each year

  • Holding Workshops and Study-Days for high school students for educational guidance to encourage them to go on to higher education and assist them in selecting their concentration for studies – the Computerized Educational Guidance Center

  • Holding annual Bagrut (Matriculation) and psychometric preparation courses each year for high school students

  • Opening 2 Women’s Centers in Rahat, serving about 300 women through varied projects

  • Running the Bedouin Women’s Leadership and Community Empowerment Project in Rahat

  • Building a Book and Games Lending Library for at-risk children in the Association’s centers

  • Opening a Student Academic Guidance Center for high school and university students in Rahat.


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