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Strategies for change

Our action strategies develop and implement community-based programming to provide for the needs of various groups in Rahat through ongoing, wide-ranging activities and increase of awareness particularly among women, teens and children.

Our Project “Community Creating Change” is a unique program run by the Association, developed to act to advance children, women, youth and families at risk in a wide range of spheres. The program is based on partnership between municipal networks working within the community, such as Education, Health, Welfare and more, and between community residents.

The central Neighborhood Community Center is the focal point of our programming, as the umbrella framework providing all local neighborhood services. The Center, as the local clubhouse, sponsors activities that enable an holistic vision of parents and children within a “natural life cycle.” Our model is based on the strengths and powers within the families themselves in developing services for reinforcement and support of individuals and the community.

Working methodologies at Step Forwards Association Neighborhood Centers

The Center will be open for women’s programming during morning hours, focusing on educational issues and acquisition of varied basic education, such as empowerment in the areas of women’s health, civil rights, professional training, and crafts and activities groups.

During the afternoons, the Center becomes an after-school clubhouse center for children from families experiencing socioeconomic difficulties. Programming includes creative arts, theatre games, folk-dancing and general enrichment.

Evening programming provides for adolescents’ activities such as tutoring, study groups and games.


1-     Establish a Neighborhood Community Center in each of two different neighborhoods to provide services for about 150 women, 200 teens and 300 children.


2-     Recruit volunteers and professionals


3-     Creative programming “flexes the time” to take full advantage of the premises, suiting the various population groups to morning, afternoon and evening hours



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